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  • Kristin Rossi

Friends with Words

My friend Adam is a pristine, technicolor wood nymph jet-setter. He loves to travel. It's rare that we'll have a conversation that doesn't involve him saying something like "I was on Groupon looking at all-inclusive Mexican resort packages" or "I have to lose three pounds before Maui" or "Bonobos is having a sale on short-sleeved floral print button downs, I bought six."

He's always thinking about his next vacation, which is something I can't really relate to. Traveling stresses me out, and I have a hard time relaxing on a beach when I know that I've spent an entire paycheck on this privilege of relaxation. I don't want to be this way, but it is my truth.

So aside from the time Adam got drunk and bought us plane tickets to Bermuda, I'm usually holed up in New York while he galavants all over the damn place, getting tan and yelling at lizards. And that's fine. That's ideal.

The point is that we started texting creatively while he was on a trip to Vegas once, and the tradition stuck. Now whenever one of us leaves the city for an extended period of time, we'll text using only images and raw materials. No traditional texting.

Here's the latest one.

That last one makes no sense, but Adam was very proud of it, so.

He's also proud of his new Instagram account, Words with BFFs, which is something we'll both be making weird stuff for.


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